And we present to you…

Hello. Welcome. 

The Boy Wonder and I have never had a joint blog before. In fact, Boy Wonder is completely new to the whole blogging experience, and I do not blog often (as evidenced by the fact that it has been over two years since posting to my book blog!). The Spidergirl half of this duo is a complete techno-tard, and completely OK with it, while the Boy Wonder half is pretty darn good at techie stuff. 

We have been married for almost seven years. Yes, you heard that right. SEVEN whole years. We’ve been through a lot in that seven years, too. Yet here we are, getting ready to celebrate our copper and wool gift-giving year. (wait. copper and wool? boring!)

I have always loved to bake, cook, and read – not necessarily in that order. Boy Wonder recently started joining me in the kitchen and has discovered how much he loves to bake and cook, too. We also love to share our findings with friends and family. (OK, I love to tease friends and family with descriptions and pictures. Whatevs.) 

I am Spidergirl, my Boy Wonder is my husband. We will not promise you new and exciting recipes or great pictures, but we will always be honest in our approach and our opinions. We will share our meals and our joy with you – and we will always link back to original sites where we can. We are not going to smother you with religious quotes or lectures because I would go crazy and smother Boy Wonder. 

Yes, we’re aware that we’re a crazy mix up of Marvel and DC. That’s just how life is, right? 

The Boy Wonder can be a bit of a picky eater, so some recipes we share might just floor you with their adaptations. But it works for us. We are looking at the Paleo lifestyle, even if I am not sure I can convert 100%. What? I like pasta, damn it. 

So please, join us for a visit. We hope you’ll come back. 

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