The family…





Boy Wonder and I do not have any human children. We have 4-legged babies (and one 3-legger).
Here are our babies. In no particular order!
First, we have Lola. She was the 4th animal we adopted. Long haired Chihuahua mix. She’s a sweetheart. All she wants is attention. All of it. And to stick her tongue in your nose. (GROSS!)


This is Parker. He was the 1st we adopted. He’s also our tripod. He’s scared of everything. But loves to chew on chip bags. And sleep on them.




This is Peter. We adopted him 2nd. Ish. Peter and Parker came home at the same time. We just fell in love with Parker first. Peter was about 30 seconds later. He doesn’t like affection as much as Parker, but when he wants it, watch out.




This is Goblin. Our first dog. She’s a momma’s girl. Very possessive of her momma. And fat. She’s a good couple of inches taller than any other Miniature Pinscher I’ve ever seen, but she is also overweight.




And finally, Harley. We rescued him last year. He is now full grown, and probably weighs less than 1/3 what Goblin does. He’s also at least 4 inches shorter than her, too. He’s a snuggler. If he’s not outside (and trust me, all he wants is to be outside – even in this Illinois cold), he is in a lap




We also have a “half cat”. My nephew’s cat, which we take care of. We thought we had a picture, but cannot find it. To be honest, he’s an exact replica of Peter – down to the white spots on his belly and his behavior.
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