The best laid plans, and all that.

Here it is, not even the end of our first week of serious meal planning and we’ve thrown the playbook out the window. Again. Boy Wonder and I spent some time earlier today creating a list of dinner ideas for next week, then went to the grocery store. We did so much running that we didn’t get a chance to prep for tonight’s dinner (smothered chicken). Why you ask? Because I get up at 3:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday for work, so I like to be in bed by 7:00. 8:00 at the latest.

Luckily, we had taco fixings available and threw that together last minute. I like tacos done at home. A lot. So I eat them at least once a week for lunch, while Boy Wonder and the roommate suffer through them with me. The last few times, we have even made our own taco seasoning. We aren’t saving much here since I buy the Great Value brand, which costs only $.38 a package. But we’re cutting out a lot of sodium. And adding more flavor.

Right now, we’re in the brainstorming section of our homemade taco seasoning. (Which means it’s never the same twice.) Tonight’s batch was good. The Boy Wonder added some cornstarch to thicken it up, but no enough water was added, so it dried out fairly quickly. Once we get this perfected, we’ll post it for you. 

Do you have your own taco seasoning recipe, or are you still buying from the store?

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