Week in Review

So our first week of blogging and planning has officially come and gone. As I’ve posted, the planning went out the window almost immediately. We’re new at this, but I think we’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Here is what we ended up having:

Monday: Jimmy Johns
Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas & Salad
Wednesday: Burgers & Cinnamon Toast
Thursday: Crock pot Stroganoff
Friday: Tacos
Saturday: Chicken lasagna (not roll ups)
Sunday: Cheesy Chicken with broccoli over rice.

So, looking back at our original menu plan, we got it right on 3 out of 7 days. Not bad for us. And, except for the tacos, everything was on the plan – we just did it all out of order. I’m OK with that.

I found most of these recipes on Pinterest. And if you’re familiar with Pinterest you’ll know that almost every single recipe tells you it’s the best recipe. Ever. The Boy Wonder and I can be picky eaters so I’m going to review these based on how we liked them. Including how we changed them and why.


This recipe truly was as easy as Pinners claimed. We doubled up the chicken (for a total of 4 cups) but didn’t balance that by increasing any of the other ingredients, which means it was a little dry in some spots from too much chicken and not enough sauce.

Spidergirl: I seem to have gotten all the dry bits. Where it wasn’t dry, it was really good. I would do it again if we increased the other ingredients to match the additional chicken.
Boy Wonder: As far as first attempts go, they werent half bad. There was a problem with me saucing them far too ear which in turn made them less saucy. Im not sure how the physics work on that, but they do. I used half of the green chilies the recipe asked for to great success. I could next time use a few more in there for a bit more bite and flavor. As for the chicken, there needs to be either less of it or more of the chese inside. It seems to not work out the way its described. So as a recap for next time, more cheese on the inside, sauced before putting it in the oven(not two hours before), and more green chilies. I think with those changes it will be highly enjoy able.


Previous Pinners claim this is the absolute BEST and I agree with them – for Stroganoff  at least. Changes we made: 1 pound stew meat (I suggest buying a cheap piece of meat and cutting it yourself; we found a ‘clearance’ package of pre cut , onion powder subbed for onions, and halved the cream cheese with the other half subbed by sour cream. We were both surprised there was no sour cream in this dish.

Spidergirl: nom, nom, nom. Seriously, the Pinners got it right on this one. For Stroganoff, that is. I will definitely be putting this through semi-regular rotation in our meal plans. At least once a month, I’m sure. 
Boy Wonder: An Excellent success! Cooking the meat along with the gravy extras in the crock pot allowed the meat to marinate over a good deal of time. It also allowed it to soften to the point of fork perfection. Now, many don’t know me and anything ending in off is a bad thing….spent many days trying to destroy a certain Zelda boss that had the same ending….many..many days. So i’m glad to say i think i slew this dish in record time and without many mistakes.

I do not have a link for the Chicken Lasagna at this time. Since I found it via Pinterest, it appears to have been marked as going to a hinky site, so I deleted it. Here’s what we thought of it anyway:

Spidergirl: very good. Not as good as regular lasagna, but still good. It needs more in it because it just fell flat. Literally. 
Boy Wonder: OK lets start this one off with a funny little thing, these were supposed to be roll-ups. Well, we thought they were but we copied the wrong recipe. So it was a chicken artichoke lasagna  with a non Alfredo parmesan creme sauce. The chicken worked excellent with the artichoke hearts, and the sauce tasted great. One problem, not enough sauce. I’m going to gamble a wager and say you need almost twice the amount of sauce prescribed in the recipe.
Also i suggest the old fashioned, ‘under-cooking-the-noodles-for-baking’ way of thinking. It worked well and the noodles were perfect.

I would give this a B-, with more sauce an easy B+


The only thing we changed with this recipe was using Velveeta rather than cream of cheese soup and using less broccoli since we used up what was in the freezer.

Spidergirl: As far as I’m concerned, this is something I could eat once a week. I don’t like chicken. I don’t much like rice. But when you combine chicken, cheese, rice, and broccoli, I love it. And the Velveeta made it almost soupy. Who doesn’t like cheesy chicken and rice soup? I admit, I had a second helping. I’ll also eat the leftovers tonight at work!
Boy Wonder: When i started this dish i was missing one of the key ingredients, cheese cooking soup. It was a bit of a fix until i remembered i could make cheese sauce. The sauce was the same consistency as the soup would have…and worked really well in the mixture. I also subbed creme of mushroom for the prescribed creme of chicken soup. Again, another good sub. Now, i’m not a fan of these kind of dishes, don’t usually sit well with me but Spidergirl LOVES this mixture of ingredients. So when she had a second helping i figured i could call it a red letter day for rice bowls.

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