Lazy week

Boy Wonder and I had a lazy week around the house. We kept up with the housework and all; we just didn’t do much else. We definitely didn’t stick to our menu plan! We did, however, finally replace the ink in our printer, so I’m printing out the menu planner I found on Pinterest. I can’t find the exact one since I did not bookmark or repin it, but here’s a link to one that is very similar:

What I like about having an actual meal plan, even if the days never work out right, is that we can then go back and repeat if we liked something. These are nice since they have the grocery list option on the right side. We did not get ours professionally bound like the initial blogger did. Instead, I bought a report binder that holds up to 80 pages and just used my 3-hole punch at home. I printed the cover and back in color, but the weekly pages in black and white. It is 52 of them, after all!

I also printed out some recipe cards which will get the same treatment once I pick up another report binder. These are fairly small recipe cards, so one will not work for all recipes, but I like the idea of my own little recipe book – especially for the meals I don’t know off the top of my head, but want to make more frequently. Apparently, I didn’t bookmark those, either.

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