Week in Review

It was a tough week here in the superhero homestead; I spent all of Friday asleep with a migraine, and we were short a few people at work. Lucky for me, my Boy Wonder is a trooper. And Pinterest exists still. YAY for Pinterest!

Here are the recipes we took from Pinterest, and Boy Wonder’s reviews of them:


Monterey Sausage pie review:

Such an easy recipe, and Soooo good. Hardest part of this recipe is there’s not enough for me to not be smart about portion size. (We made ours with breakfast sausage, so it was more of a ‘breakfast for dinner’ but still really good.)


Alice Springs Chicken review:

Now, i loved this recipe. I made it wrong but i loved it.
When you see this recipe it will tell you to put everything on the chicken breast before going in the oven. Don’t. Leave the cheese off. I didn’t and i paid the price with hard cheese topping. The best thing out of this recipe?? Homemade honey mustard. I never new how to make this and the way its made is So easy its a sin. (Eh, it was alright. Then again, I fully admit I’m not a huge poultry fan.)


Itallian Beef Rolls review:

I should start out this review with a caveat, these were supposed to be Philly cheese steak rolls. I found that there is NO off-brand version of Steak Ums so i went with a premade italian beef package. 

Apparently it worked really well, since Spidergirl loved it!

I sauteed the italian beef for 6 mins on med-hi setting to give it a nice flavor. The pastry was a bit less pliable then i was hoping but i got enough pastry and beef for three rolls. The roomie had one and Spidergirl had her share.

(Yes, these were really good. They were cold by the time I got to eat them, so the cheese had congealed a bit and I avoided that, but still – really good. Clearly we know that next time, we double the dough and meat or treat them like appetizers and cut them up!)

Mac n cheese with Mini meatloaf:

(No link as this was actually a creation of Boy Wonder!) 

Mac n Cheese with Mini Meatloaf:

One word for smoked Gruyere cheese and Colby jack Mac and Cheese, Excellent.

We used a simple creme sauce base and added a good cup of the Gruyere and a cup of the Colby jack. We also used some new pasta Spidergirl found at Big Lots, its a carrot and squash pasta. It worked GREAT! (Look ma! Veggies!!!)

For the mini meatloaf .. We had a simple recipe of ground beef, Worcestershire sauce, a tiny bit of chili sauce, and onion mushroom soup mix. Mix together, cover and 400 F for 25 mins. Pretty darn juicy and great!

So, there you have it. Some really great recipes to share with your friends and family. All of these recipes are deeply satisfying – when made in large enough quantities. I love comfort food, so I would have to say the Mac n Cheese with Mini Meatloaf was my absolute fave. 

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