I always say that I have no New Year’s Resolutions because I’m not sure that I truly do. I mean, we all have things we want to change – about ourselves, our lives – but they typically go beyond that which I can easily express. Especially since resolutions are so easily broken. 

But maybe I’ve been lying to myself. Perhaps those things I wish to change are not so hard to express, or materialize, after all. I want what we (probably) all want – money saved, organization, and better health. So, this year I waited a few weeks to really get my thoughts in order. Consider what truly matters to me. And here is what I’ve come up with:

1. Better health
2. Time to write/inspiration for writing
3. Time with the husband
4. Savings
5. Organization
6. Better meals
7. Time for spiritual study

So, let’s take a look at these (but not in that order):

1. Better health
– Boy Wonder and I are smokers. We’ve both quit before – multiple times for me. But, this time we’re going to make it permanent. We won’t kid you about the struggles as we both cheat and take Welbutrin which makes it super easy to actually quit, generally within one to two weeks. For us, it’s the staying quit. That is our struggle. But, we will do it together. 

6. Better meals
– We like to eat yummy food. So this year we are going to look at healthier options and proper proportions. 

5. Organization
– Perhaps this will be my personal challenge. I can be super organized at work, but at home… Well, I’m a mess. Neither of us have a proper desk, or storage area, so our stuff gets scattered all hither and yon. I tend to pick stuff up and put it back down somewhere else completely. I mean, I lose my car keys on a daily basis – and we have a hook right by the door for them! For the first time in all of my 37 years, I have created a binder to help me with organization. Tomorrow morning, Boy Wonder and I will put it in the order we want and then use it every day. Many blogs say there are things you must have in this binder, but I disagree. In order for it to work for us, it has to be tailored to us. 

4. Savings
– I honestly believe that getting these three things in order will help us achieve our goal of savings. We haven’t started the 52 weeks of savings challenge, and I’m not sure we will – I just can’t tell if it will work for us. But, being smarter about our spending will

2, 3, and 7. 
– Time. All of those revolve around time. I only work 39 hours a week, but my shifts can be so varied that it doesn’t feel like I ever have any time. So, part of my binder will be devoted to daily activities – a block of time for writing, studying, and Boy Wonder. 

Check back in periodically. I’ll let you know how we’re doing with these goals…

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