So, we’ve mentioned it here before – we want to go Paleo. But we’re clueless. We had no idea where to start, or what to do. Some advice tells you to throw everything bad out and go grocery shopping. I hate to say it, but that isn’t realistic, especially not on my salary – or with our roommate. (He’s not convinced of the awesomeness of Paleo/Primal so he’s resistant.)

Then we found this page:

The Slow Paleo Transition

We don’t have to just jump right into the deep end! We get to dip in our toes, take our time. We had actually already done step two – replacing industrial oils because we found coconut oil through previous research. We used it just once and we were convinced of its awesomeness. I can’t wait to try the other recommended oils, especially avocado oil!

So, we’re looking at quitting sugar. Next week, we are investing $21 in The 21 Day Sugar Detox. Frankly, I am excited as heck! In just the last week, I have already completely cut out soda. I also haven’t had any potato chips or candy. I haven’t gone completely sugar free yet because I’ve had an hot dog or two (I work at a convenience store and food choices are limited!). But no grains. No wait, I had corn the other day because I totally forgot corn is a grain. No, I’m not stupid – I just think of it as a veg rather than a grain.

And of course, we are exercising every other day. Nothing huge yet – just what we can do at home.

Boy Wonder and I are so excited to get started on this journey. I’m diabetic (Type II) and so is he, even if he won’t admit it. This will only help us in the long run.

Plus, who doesn’t like a diet that allows you bacon and encourages you to cook in bacon fat? We’ll keep you updated!

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