Cave girl in training to the rescue!

So, there are a crap ton of printable grocery lists online, aren’t there? But none of them really meet the demands of a Primal family. I mean, not really. And let’s be honest – almost every Paleo/Primal list comes at a cost. Subscribe to this, purchase that.

Well, have I mentioned before that I don’t have a lot of money left over every week? I’m not the (so far as I have noticed) typical Paleo shopper – I don’t have scads of money to buy organic everything, grass fed beef, raw milk/butter, etc… I mean, sure, it sounds nice. Awesome even. But at the end of the day, will that type of specificity define how well this new lifestyle works for me? I honestly doubt it.

So, what was the answer to this problem with all of the free printable shopping lists? Why, the creation of one tailor made for this modern day Super Cave family; clearly. I found a few that were created in Excel, but I’m no expert there. I can use it to create basic things, but this shopping list wasn’t going to happen. Luckily, Word is my friend. And I now have a printable 4 column shopping list that includes fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, refrigerated items, deli, meat & seafood, snacks, condiments, baking, frozen, international, canned goods, beverages, cleaners, paper goods, personal care, and pet care.

And yes, you absolutely can have a baking section on Paleo/Primal. It just doesn’t contain the typical items. Neither does the snack section. And some items you might see in two columns (OK, specifically veg as I have both a fresh and a frozen section). But that’s how we do things here.

My list isn’t fancy. There aren’t any colors or designs. It’s really simple. I can print it out each week. As something is used up, it goes on the list. We shop once a week – and we don’t buy staples much any longer since they are generally so processed. Like everything, this will take practice. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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