Something seems fishy here…

I like fish. Who knew? I mean, certainly not me. Boy Wonder has always liked fish, so he was always trying to fix it for me. And he’s the absolute best as he always tried to fix it in ways I would actually like. But I just never liked it.

Recently, we were at one of our local grocery stores and they were giving out samples. At the meat counter, the lady was handing out bites of Cod – I took a bite of Boy Wonder’s. It was amazing. AMAZING. How was it cooked? Simply seasoned with some brand of Season All and then grilled on one of those little George Foreman type machines. Yeah, I can do that.

Yesterday, we picked up some fried Cod from the deli at a different grocery store. Even cold, it was really good.

And tonight? Boy Wonder went above and beyond by covering salmon with some nice, thick nitrate-free bacon and baking it. He also made roasted carrots and asparagus. He hates asparagus. Again, awesome.

So yes, I now like fish. Three kinds, to be exact – cod, salmon, and tuna. But that is two more kinds than I liked three weeks ago, right? And frankly, I like the idea of adding those to the meal rotation. (Now, to make Cod less expensive!!!)

I’m off to plan out the mneu for the week. I hope you guys have a good night!

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