Money Matters

Here I go again. Talking about money. I know, I already said how crass that is. But we’re friends, right? And you probably wouldn’t read our blog if you didn’t face the same struggles as we do. I mean, I think we have readers. Uh oh. Hey Boy Wonder – we’ve got readers, right?

But seriously, let’s talk about the almighty dollar, shall we? Material objects do not make my heart skip a beat. I’m not up on the latest goo gaw or gadget. Buying ‘things’ does not make my giddy. Money is nothing more than a tool for me. I exchange it for rent, clothes, food, etc… You know, necessities. And the bare necessities at that. I buy myself new clothes only when I absolutely have to – and only then if I can’t get them as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. These days, however, it seems the bills keep coming in while the money stopped 8 bills ago. And we’re at our wits end. And no, we aren’t living beyond our means. These are old bills we’re trying to (finally) pay off plus new medical bills. Medical bills will kill us. How sad is that?

For us, it’s always been a question of which bill is it more important for us to pay? But I think it’s time to ask ourselves how we can bring in a larger income. I’ll be going back to school soon, but that education won’t help with my income until I reach at least my Master’s (and pay off student loans). I’m not majoring in Business, but rather Linguistic Anthropology.

(Your eyes just glazed over, didn’t they??)

If we, as bloggers, are honest with ourselves we admit that we see all the highly successful blogs and a twinge of jealousy shoots through us. Why can’t that be us? Well, we didn’t start almost 10 years ago for one. We either don’t take pictures (guilty) or we take crap pictures. We don’t blog daily (even my blabbery ass doesn’t have that much to talk about). We don’t have a monstrous following. Here, we don’t even have original recipes that we could turn into a best-selling cookbook. But still, we want it. We can dream of it, aspire to it, at least. Right?

So, when the money you make isn’t enough and options for more money are limited, what do you do? I mean, there are other options (I’m only speaking legal options here folks) – and I’m looking into them. But the market is tough out there.

So what do we do in the mean time? Clearly, I don’t have the answer. Do you?

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