The Challenges of Time

I have a very odd schedule. Very odd. For example? Tomorrow I get up at 2:00 am to be at work at 3:00 am. No seriously, 3 am. From what I understand, this might be the last time we have a 3 am managerial shift. We go in that early to ensure we get the order done by a certain time. Our delivery times change next week, so we’re anticipating being able to do the order on Wednesday rather than Thursday. YAY!!!!

That change aside, any time I am being the manager on duty, I have to be in at 5 am, which is still early. (If I’m not the manager, my hours vary anywhere from starting at 9 am to 5 pm.)  It’s definitely already too early for me to get up any earlier than I have to just so I can fix breakfast. And trust me – not only can I not afford to eat at work every day, I have no desire to. I work at a gas station. Hot dogs and chips? No thanks!!! Not unless I’m in a situation where I walked out of the house with zero food.

And that’s the scenario I face every single day. I love salad, and frequently take salad – but only if I have one of my homemade dressings with me. I haven’t made any this week – I’m waiting to buy more eggs so I can make some more Paleo mayonnaise. Like every other decision in my life, cost is the driving factor here. That, and convenience.

We don’t have a microwave. Ours went blooey, and I haven’t replaced it yet. Honestly, I’m not sure we need to. Thanks to our roommate deciding no food should ever go uneaten, we never have leftovers. There are microwaves at work that I can use should I ever come across leftover food. What this means is frozen foods work fine for work days. And I love the idea of batch cooking, even if it means I have the same thing every. single. day. OK, I don’t like that part. LOL!

So my assignment this week is to find affordable, easy breakfasts and/or lunches that I can take to work. I have an almost-Bento box that is nice, but I really want to splurge on the real thing some day.

Do you have any suggestions? What works for you? And remember, this girl is open to non-traditional breakfasts. Fajita mix? Yum. Sausage and sweet potatoes? Yum. Eggs are only good so many times a week, after all.

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