Jubilee Farms

I have this weekend off. I get one a month, and I treasure them. Today, Boy Wonder and I went out to Jubilee Farms. It’s just west of Springfield, and run by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield. I haven’t been there in about 10 years, and it has really changed. They offer walking trails/paths, a CSA (that we will be saving up to join next year!!!), a labyrinth, a meeting space, and even programs for locals. Boy Wonder and I love spending time together, especially outdoors. This was a perfect day! Next time, I swear – I want to pack a couple sandwiches and stay for a while.
We had sooo much fun today. We’re not in any kind of athletic shape right now, but we still walked at least a mile although it was probably more. We took a nice leisurely pace, stopping at benches and taking photos with my phone. We didn’t stick to any one specific path, but changed paths to stay alongside the creek. We started down Blackberry, but ended up on Archer Creek. I loved walking the creek. Both Boy Wonder and I have fond memories of walking the creeks in our respective (small) home towns. 
The creek was so calming – serenely snaking through the land. There wasn’t even much of a gentle babble. 


Nice and calm, that is, until you get to this area. It’s maybe a 15° decline but turns that gently running creek into a raging slurry of water. 

As you can see in the above photo, this is also a crossing for one of the paths/trails. We did not follow this trail this time, although I’m really wishing I had. While walking further along the creek trail, I saw something dark moving on the other side It wasn’t the brown/white deer hiney we’d seen earlier – we think it might have been a wild cat. I really would have liked to get some pictures of that! 


This (above) is the picture I tried to take of the creek before we’d come across the crossing. It’s not as inspiring, lol. But imagine yourself walking alongside this super calm creek, when suddenly you come to a bend and hear that roaring water! 


About 50 foot down the trail from the crossing was a bench facing this pretty little pond. While snapping a few shots of the pond, that adorable little toad stopped to say hello. Obviously, when I tried to get a close up, he hopped away. 


The last picture I took of the day looks just like some grass, but hidden in that grass is a caterpillar. He just moved faster than I could position and snap.
All in all, it was the best day Boy Wonder and I have spent together in a long time. And it was good for us because it forces us to be healthy. I do hope you’ll check Jubilee Farms out for yourself if you’re a local. 





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