What I learned this week

Not a lot, really. My boss is a really bad word. I mean REALLY bad. No wait, Boy Wonder has been telling me that for over 5  years now. I already knew that.

Oh! I have learned that, even though I have olive toned skin, since it has been over 22 years since I spent a significant amount of time in the sun, I cannot tan more than 3 minutes. Well, it also could have been the new bulbs. I do know I’m still going to keep going back – and I’m going to buy some tanning lotion.

I’ve also learned that even if I hate being accountable to it, My Fitness Pal really does keep me accountable for what I’m eating. I also learned that I need to start restricting my carbs again. And bread. Ugh. When I eliminated bread, I didn’t see some instant weight loss and I started to miss it. WHY didn’t I listen to those stomach cramps that appeared each time I ate it after that? Boy Wonder and I have discussed this – we both experienced the mild cramps the first few times we ate it. We have agreed to trial some gluten free breads because we love, love, love homemade bread.

Our new philosophy: eat real food, but never deny ourselves anything. Everything in moderation, right?

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