Freezer Meals

Now that Boy Wonder and I are fairly well off the Paleo wagon, we are looking at other ways to still eat healthy. Eating healthy is still very important to us; just not at the expense of cutting out a shit ton of stuff. The very awesome Go Kaleo website has really inspired me, especially her Facebook posts.

And you know what? Sometimes, I don’t want healthy. I want full-on unhealthy comfort food. Things in our household have changed a bit, so I am going to attempt to jump on the Crock Pot/Freezer Meal bandwagon But you know me – I can’t follow the same drum as anyone else. I have to do things my way.

For all the sites I’ve been to, all the blogs I’ve read – there seems a few common themes. At most, 10 or 12 recipes, all doubled to make “34” (insert some odd number of recipes). Well, I don’t want just 10 or 12 recipes. Can’t I be the girl who cooked something different every. single. day.?? OK. Wow. I just actually went to that site and the girl really does have enough recipes for every day of the year. (She has over 600 recipes y’all. Worship her.)

ANYWAY. Clearly, the first step is comprising a list of recipes we want to try, along with a list of “faves” or “must repeats”. I’m fairly certain that everything we’ve made so far this week will make it onto that second list. I must create the former list first, however – right now, I have assigned myself the task of creating a list of 30 recipes that we must try. (…)

Boy Wonder STILL won’t try tortilla or taco soup, whether they be beef or chicken based. Damn it.

Also, the other boy in my life may – or may not – be moving back in, which means these meals need to feed 4 adults (how can the boy be 18 already? I mean, REALLY??) with left overs. I wonder if I need to buy a microwave. Damn it.

So, refocusing – I now have a list of 30 recipes to try. Because we are dirt poor right now (no, not literally. just way cash strapped atm) I am going to figure out the 15 most economical and see what I can do with this list. I need to figure out a way to feed the 4 of us on a very limited budget. While still using (mostly) whole foods rather than all that processed and boxed crap.

Clearly, this is a work-in-progress. Heck, I am a work in progress. I’ll let you know what 15 recipes I went with, and whether I doubled them or just made them.

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