Friday Miscellany

There is no one message today, so we might be all over the place. I apologize in advance. Of course, everyone already knows that if I don’t sit down and plan out my post, it’s a hob-gobbly mess anyway. Listen, I am who I am. Boy Wonder loves me for this. All of our “fur-kids” love me for this. That’s all that matters.

So anyway. The Wonder Household is flat broke. Again. The situation will soon improve itself as Boy Wonder has acquired a job and Spider-Girl is looking for a new place to work as well. But for now, we are flat broke. And looking for ways to save money. Which means back to the drawing board on homemade cleaning products. The first one I am going to try is this awesome laundry detergent. Yes, at close to $30 the initial price tag is higher than the recipe I was using before, but A) I want to use a powder, not a liquid and 2) it should last me a lot longer – at least 8 months, if not more. According to the article, it is designed to last 12 months with 6 loads a week. That sounds about right for us. So… $30 for 12 months of laundry product? Yes, please.

But so far, that is the only cleaning product we have been successful with. Most other products require ingredients that just are not within our budget right now. The very next thing I would like to replace is our Liquid Dish Soap. We do not have a dish washer and I have no plans on getting one. Yes, lazy ol’ me actually prefers hand-washing. To be perfectly honest, I actually prefer washing after every meal. Between you and me, that’s a lot easier when you are single and living alone than when you’re married and living with a roommate/family member.

Speaking of dish soap – I actually just went to Google rather than Pinterest to search. LOL. I always go to Pinterest first. Love this stupid site.

I guess that was actually a good diversion. It forced me over to Pinterest, where I found a recipe that’s feasible since I don’t have to order any of the ingredients from Amazon. In fact, it looks like I can get everything at Wal-Mart when I go to get the ingredients for the laundry soap.

My downfall lately, however, has been organization. Boy Wonder and I both need two full sized desks. And a larger room in which to put them. I currently use an old dining table, while he uses a really old particle board desk. We need better. With that in mind, I’m off to Craigslist.

Have you had any luck with Freecycle? I keep trying to join, but the local one doesn’t seem to get any activity and it irks me beyond belief.


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