About Spidergirl and her Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder: Lasagna roll ups? Is that a new thing?

Spidergirl: No Boy Wonder, ‘lasagna roll ups’ is not a euphemism for sex. It’s food.

Boy Wonder: So it is a euphemism for sex!

And thus, your introduction to Spidergirl and the Boy Wonder should be complete. But you and I both know it isn’t. You’re intrigued, but not convinced. Is it all dirty talk and innuendos with these two, you’re wondering… Well, yes. And no. After 7 years of marriage, we’ve become “that couple”. You know, the one that takes each other for granted. (You thought I meant the cutesy couples that coo at each other, didn’t you?)

I’m the book nerd, lover, baker, friend, writer, and facebook/pinterest addict. He’s the gamer, techie, lover, funnyman. We were meant for each other.

Together, we are making 2013 about us. We’re blogging together, crafting together, and spending time in the kitchen together. (No Boy Wonder, not on the floor. Well, maybe.) We hope to fill this space with our personal blend of humor, food, passion, romance, reality, money troubles, and pets. 


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